Test Bank (Complete Download) for Essentials of Statistics, 4/E, Mario F. Triola, ISBN-10: 0321641493, ISBN-13: 9780321641496, Instantly Downloadable Test Bank

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Test Bank for Essentials of Statistics, 4/E, Mario F. Triola, ISBN-10: 0321641493, ISBN-13: 9780321641496

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Downloadable Test Bank for Essentials of Statistics, 4/E, Mario F. Triola, ISBN-10: 0321641493, ISBN-13:  9780321641496, Test Bank (Complete) Download

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Statistics
1-1. Review and Preview
1-2. Statistical Thinking
1-3. Types of Data
1-4. Critical Thinking
1-5. Design of Experiments

2. Summarizing and Graphing Data
2-1. Review and Preview
2-2. Frequency Distributions
2-3. Histograms
2-4. Statistical Graphics
2-5. Critical Thinking: Bad Graphs

3. Statistics for Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data
3-1. Review and Preview
3-2. Measures of Center
3-3. Measures of Variation
3-4. Measures of Relative Standing and Boxplots

4. Probability
4-1. Review and Preview
4-2. Fundamentals
4-3. Addition Rule
4-4. Multiplication Rule: Basics
4-5. Multiplication Rule: Complements and Conditional Probability
4-6. Counting
4-7. Bayes’ Theorem (on CD-ROM)

5. Discrete Probability Distributions
5-1. Review and Preview
5-2. Random Variables
5-3. Binomial Probability Distributions
5-4. Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation for the Binomial Distribution

6. Normal Probability Distributions
6-1. Review and Preview
6-2. The Standard Normal Distribution
6-3. Applications of Normal Distributions
6-4. Sampling Distributions and Estimators
6-5. The Central Limit Theorem
6-6. Normal as Approximation to Binomial
6-.7 Assessing Normality

7. Estimates and Sample Sizes
7-1. Review and Preview
7-2. Estimating at Population Proportion
7-3. Estimating Population Mean: ? Known
7-4. Estimating a Population Mean: ? Not Known
7-5. Estimating a Population Variance

8. Hypothesis Testing
8-1. Review and Preview
8-2. Basics of Hypothesis Testing
8-3. Testing a Claim About a Proportion
8-4. Testing a Claim About a Mean: ? Known
8-5. Testing a Claim About a Mean: ? Not Known
8-6. Testing a Claim About Variation

9. Inferences from Two Samples
9-1. Review and Preview
9-2. Inferences About Two Proportions
9-3. Inferences About Two Means: Independent Samples
9-4. Inferences from Matched Pairs

10. Correlation and Regression
10-1. Review and Preview
10-2. Correlation
10-3. Contingency Tables
10-4. Variation and Prediction Intervals
10-5. Rank Correlation

11. Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance
11-1. Review and Preview
11-2. Goodness-of-Fit
11-3. Contingency Tables
11-4. Analysis of Variance

Appendix A: Tables
Appendix B: Data Sets
Appendix C: Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises (and All Review Exercises and All Cumulative Review Exercises)